Ken Burns PBS Country Music Press Tour Kick-off

March 24, 2019

6:30 a.m. CT

Join world-renowned documentarian Ken Burns and his prestigious crew as they kick-off their North American Press Tour promoting the latest PBS documentary, Country Music.
As "The Soundtrack of America" is known to be made in Tennessee, it's only fitting that much of Burns' tour will focus on iconic music destinations in Tennessee. 
The documentary, set to hit PBS airwaves this fall, will chronicle the history of the uniquely American art form, rising from the experiences of remarkable people in distinctive regions of the U.S. From southern Appalachia’s songs of struggle, heartbreak and faith to the rollicking western swing of Texas, from California honky tonks to Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry, the film will follow the evolution of country music over the course of the twentieth century, as it eventually emerged to become America’s music.
Burns is known for his style of using archival footage and photographs in documentary films and Country Music is only the most recent documentary from this renowned American filmmaker to embrace the PBS stage. His widely known documentary series include The Civil War (1990), Baseball (1994), Jazz (2001), The War (2007), and The Vietnam War (2017). Burns' documentaries have earned two Academy Awards nominations (each for 1981's Brooklyn Bridge and 1985's Statue of Liberty) and have won several Emmy Awards, among other honors.
There is no charge for admission, but seating is limited. 
NOTE: Event location, the Cookeville Performing Arts Center, is an offiical Tennessee Music Pathways featured attraction. 
10 East Broad Street
Cookeville, TN 38501